Why I Prefer SiteGround Hosting

I made the switch! That’s right, I decided to leave my old web hosting company of 10 years and switch to SiteGround. I was nervous; wasn’t sure if it was the right decision; but it’s been a little time now and here is why making the switch might be right for you!

Is switching to SiteGround Hosting the right decision for my company?

First off, you need to do your research. I was on what should have been a great platform for my business and hosting a handful of other sites. It just wasn’t working; it was sluggish and slow. If you find yourself in a similar situation and you know it is not an optimization issue with your site, then considering a new web hosting company like SiteGround is a must.

  • Scalable Resources – with SiteGround, you can pick the hosting plan that works for you for now. If in the future you need to scale up, they help you! Unlike most hosting companies who require you to manually move your sites and databases to new servers to upgrade or charge exorbitant prices, SiteGround does it for you, FOR FREE!
  • Customer Support – I’ve used support a lot in the first week getting things setup and even before the sale. Most of this was to test the type of online support and how quickly they were able to help. So far, I’ve been VERY impressed. I’ve used the chat feature multiple times where someone responds in under 5 minutes and usually in under 2 minutes.
  • FREE SSL and CDN – I have not see a lot of web hosting companies offer freebies such as an SSL and CDN but SiteGround does. And their admin user interface makes it super easy to setup.
  • Performance – with a 99% uptime report for the last 2+ years and above average load time (see below for more of an explanation), my site speed was greatly increased when I switched to SiteGround servers.
  • CPanel – SiteGround does not use CPanel. If you’re used to CPanel and all of the control it allows you as a site owner, don’t worry! I have been using the SiteGround custom admin system and it allows me to do everything I could do in CPanel and more. And most importantly, because SiteGround saves on the costly CPanel licensing, we as the customer save too!


Speed & Performance of SiteGround Hosting

As a web developer, I offer site speed optimization as a service to my clients. I use various online tools to make sure a site is performing and loading at optimum speeds. It was really awful when I couldn’t obtain that A+ rating for my own site. That is, until I switched to SiteGround hosting. My site went from a C rating on Google Page Speed Insights to an A+.

You see, I had optimized the site as much as I could for my old host and their servers and setup were just slowing things down. Moving to a new host was 100% the right decision for my site and the other sites I host.


So what do you say?

Ready to make the switch?

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Disclosure – I receive a commission when you make a purchase from the companies mentioned on this website. All data & opinions are based on my experience as a customer or consultant to a customer.