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Email Marketing

Platform Setup

Ready to get started with email marketing? Let’s discuss the different platform options and set up the right solution for you.


  • New account creation on the platform chosen.
  • Import of email addresses
  • Signup form on your website directly tied to the email list

Starting at $250

Email Templates

Custom email templates to match your brand. These can be used for general news, a newsletter, or promotional emails.


  • 1-3 Fully responsive email layouts that’s both mobile and desktop friendly
  • Training to show you how to create and send emails

Starting at $500


Save time with automations. This can be welcome messages for new signups, follow-ups on new leads, or drip campaign content.


  • Consultation to determine which automations are needed.
  • Fully implemented and tested email templates and content for each automation.

Starting at $250

Happy to price and develop additional email templates so that you have choices when creating a new campaign.

Many times graphics and images are the main attention-getters in email marketing. Happy to help develop a series of images and graphics for use in your campaigns.

Prices upon request

MailChimp Certified Developer

MailChimp Certified Developer
MailChimp Developer, Email Marketing
MailChimp Developer, Email Automations